About: Emily S./ Fantasy 77

I’m a sixteen year old who loves to read, write, draw and maybe sit in the silence and ponder what life is really meant to be like. I’ve been working on a book that I hope to one day get published. Its only the first draft so I still have a lot of work to do, and once I get it refined, clean and clear, I will post a summary of it. Eventually I hope to tag a website for it and maybe sell a few copies. Christopher Paolini’s books have inspired me to write my book – I really enjoy his writing. I’d love to hear your comments, and your encouragement, support and suggestions are always appreciated as I struggle to get my feet off the ground, and hopefully one day become a well known writer!



  1. Cathy (Mom) Said:

    Bravo! This looks excellant! You are an amazing techo-nut! I don’t think I could do this type work on the computer. I am so proud of you sweetheart. Mom 🙂

  2. KATHRYN Benner Said:

    bow chicka bow wow

  3. stephenator Said:

    yes…. excellent. I am working, in fact, on a website of my own, and because I am writing the code from scratch I dont yet know how to add a blog with commenting features. But it is coming…

  4. Mr. Peabody Said:


    I’m glad you brought up refining your stories. In some ways this is the hard part of writing, or at least maybe the most tedious part, but taking the time to really work over your stories, paying lots of attention to the details and continuity of your story theme, your characters and places, makes all the difference between acceptable writing and pro-quality writing.

    You go girl!

  5. fantasy77 Said:

    The first draft of my book is coming along great I’m almost finish writing it, although it may be some time before I came finally publish it. Like maybe a couple years, I’m not really sure yet.

  6. fantasy77 Said:


  7. the K girl. Said:

    blah blah blah, blah blah, blah blah

  8. Cathy (Mom) Said:

    Hi Em- Check ou this site on Cross Country Running!


  9. Hey Gurl. I’m so proud of you. Which one is it? The golden gryphons one? or other…. Hey we need to talk…. I’ll call u, or you call me…. don’t worry, it’s not that bad….

  10. Cathy Said:

    Hey Em- The tunes sound great! Love MOM

  11. Cathy (Mom) Said:

    Hi Little Girl!

    Just checking in to see how the blog is coming!

    Love, Mom

  12. Cathy Said:

    Hey! Do you use this blog anymore? Mamma

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